Wisdom of Wealth

Finding True Financial Freedom
Sensei Angie understands the pain of financial worry that millions of Americans face on a daily basis. As a former financial adviser, she has watched people from all income levels linger on the edge of a financial cliff. For what? A bigger house, a nicer car, fancier clothes?....all at the expense of their freedom, their health, their relationships...and their happiness. But Angie has been revealing the secrets of true financial freedom with hundreds of clients and has now captured these secrets in her newest book, Wisdom of Wealth: Finding True Financial Freedom. In These Pages You Will Discover That...You must become the expert at your own wealth and happiness. No one else will do it for you, happiness is the underlying freedom that most are seeking, yet fear and financial worry are the biggest roadblocks, freedom is an expression of living according to your values, by redefining wealth and restructuring your lifestyle...your money will reflect these values, your business could be your wealth?creating machine...if it is properly aligned with your personal purpose and your financial house is in order.

Sensei Angie

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