Unmask: Let Go of Who You're Supposed To Be & Unleash Your True Leader

Unmask offers a new look at personal and professional leadership. Unmask is a road map for navigating your personal journey as a leader in your business, career, relationships and life. Jeff Nischwitz’s new concept of integrated leadership - what he calls LIVINGSHIP - represents a new way of living, thinking and leading in every part of your life. Jeff’s integration of business leadership and self-leadership offers many new ways to think, be and act, which will serve you in every aspect, element and endeavor in your life. Jeff invites you to unmask yourself in order to unleash your true leader. Unmask will help you tap into your authentic leader and allow you to create the influence and impact you desire, personally and professionally. If you’re ready to look in the mirror, throw away your masks and old stories and step into your true leader, Unmask will guide you on the journey from simply leading to unleashed livingship. At its core, Unmask is about choices and living a life of self-leadership with full ownership, responsibility and accountability for your choices. It is not the easy road, but it is the transformational road for anyone that is willing to put away what you thought was true, to put down your old stories and strap on the armor of the new conscious leader. You must unmask the old you and choose to lead and live from a place of authenticity, all supporting your commitment to be the person you choose to be.

Jeff Nischwitz Recently called the "Wayne Dyer of business, Jeff Nischwitz is a force of nature and is waking up business and association audiences across the country with his messages about conscious leadership, a new way of being (personally and professionally), and his courageous injection of authenticity, vulnerability and intimate relationships into the business world. Big in stature and bigger in heart, Jeff Nischwitz is leading audiences on a magical journey of self awareness and discovery that is transforming organizations, leaders, teams, and people! Jeff is the Founder of The Nischwitz Group (www.nischwitzgroup.com), a speaking, consulting and coaching firm that transforms people and organizations ... one story at a time! Jeff energizes and captivates audiences on a wide range of topics including: Conscious Leadership ... Revenue Acceleration ... Accountable High Performing Teams ... Relationship Building and Business Development ... Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs ... and Personal Transformation.

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