University Vs. Reality

Bridging the Gap Between University Education and the Real World
The University degree in times past was seen as a sure fire path to success. Today, students are greeted with rising overall cost of attendance and a higher probability of ending up unemployed or underemployed. The book acknowledges that most universities, their faculty and the courses they offer are not structured or equipped to prepare students to thrive in a highly competitive, value driven capitalist world. It introduces to the reader the concept of “Valueworth” as “…anything you know, anything you have, anything you believe in, anything you can do or create, that is desirable to someone else other than you, for which that someone is willing to exchange something of commensurate value in return”; stressing that thriving in the real world is all about finding and nurturing Valueworth. While pointing out that most University graduates are yet to establish their Valueworth at the point of graduating, it suggests that in order to bridge the gap between the university and the real world, the student must ensure that the university experience is made a part of their bigger Valueworth plan for life. The book is a must read for every undergraduate, aspiring undergraduate, ambitious graduate and their parents for the following reasons: It explains what university institutions and their faculty are best motivated to do in order to help students and their parents better manage their expectations of them, the book delves into the fundamental differences between “Preparation” and “Education” and why we need to focus more on “Preparation”, the author introduces the concept of “Valueworth” and explains why it is the key to success in the real world, the reader will be introduced to the FIRST steps to creating and nurturing Valueworth that guarantees a means to always earn a living, the book explains the 10 reinforcing attributes that underpin our quest for Valueworth that ensures we become happy, fulfilled and successful in life, the book unveils to the reader, 24 functional disciplines that exist within the work place that prospective job seekers must appreciate to improve their outlook in the labour market, the reader will learn the truth about prospects in the labour market amidst increased competition, globalization and the proliferation of new technologies, the book explains to the reader the absurdity of the one market bias that forces everyone to aspire only to the labour market. It points out how limiting this outlook to life can be in view of the myriad of opportunities our economies present in multiplicity of other markets, most of which have better prospects than the labour market, the reader will learn about 5 foundational real world concepts (Capitalism, Trade and Exchange, Markets, Money and Desirables) everyone must understand in order to excel in today’s value driven world, the book helps the reader to unravel the mystery around money by simplifying the art of money making in the real world based on the understanding of the “money line”, the book helps the reader to understand the 5 human super needs and their corollary 13 basic human needs that provide opportunities for enterprise in the real world; that students must become aware of and against which they should assess their passions and possible future ambition, the author shares 10 reasons why the university system may need to be overhauled given the extent to which its feet of clay has been unraveled. 10 points that need to be addressed if universities must remain the gateway to a happy and successful life for young adults.

Bobby Ikazoboh AsCEO of a leading graduate employment screening firm that has screened millionsof graduates, Bobby Ikazoboh has had first-hand experience in working withstudents on the challenges university graduates face in making a living after graduation.A graduate himself with a Bachelor's and a Master's Degree in Economics, bothobtained from traditional red brick universities in the UK, Bobby combines hisappreciation of a university degree, his understanding of economics, his new"Valueworth" paradigm (based on his observations from his wide-ranging lifeexperiences), to offer guidance on how to thrive in the real world. Bobbyhas served his community and country as a soldier, footballer, financialanalyst and consultant, commissioner of a government ministry, guest lecturerat a business school, politician, CEO of a supply chain and logistics company, CEOof a technology start-up, a banker with Citibank, Human Resource Adviser andProjects Manager with Shell Petroleum.

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