The Freedom Solution

More Perfect Clients & Profits In Less Time
A practical and inspiring blend of marketing, money, mindset and business building wisdom for coaches, consultants and other service professionals to grow a simple 6 figure or beyond high end client business whilst living a life of freedom.

Rachel Henke After discovering a revolutionary, new understanding about how the human mind really works, which is beyond anything she'd heard in 30 years of studying psychology and personal development, Rachel now specialises in helping entrepreneurs, business owners and other high achievers to blow the lid off what they think is possible for themselves. ‘Breaking free’ of the job world upon relocating to a sleepy village in the UK, she started her first home based business working from the breakfast bar round her two young daughters back in 2003. Years later, tired of being away from her children so much, her love affair with the internet began and she attracted a global following and now works with clients around the world from her home office. After 30 years of spiritual seeking and self-improvement Rachel has finally found the answers she was looking for and combined with her extensive business and coaching expertise she's able to help her clients experience deep transformation both personally and professionally.

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