Successful Women Date Differently

Secrets for Attracting the Love You Deserve
Successful Women Date Differently: Secrets for Attracting the Love You Deserve

Camille Sheppard-Parrish Seven years ago I found my self divorced from a 17-year marriage after my husband put my three sons and I out. I was at a complete loss and I was actually broken, even though I was not broke. As I started to rebuild my life as a single mom and moved to a space of desiring a new partner, I realized that, I was successful in every area of my life, except when it came to love and relationships. I discovered was that many successful women were feeling the same way I was. They did not understand what was blocking them from attracting a high quality available and good man. I became so amazed by this phenomenon that I dedicated my life to researching this topic. So this book serves as a guide to help successful, smart busy women to learn techniques to attract the love they truly deserve.

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