Pee Less

The Drug-Free, Painless Solution for your Overactive Bladder
People will learn about how they can modify their diet to overcome frequent urination symptoms.

Justin Mandel Justin Mandel, DOM AP is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine who practices in St. Petersburg, Florida. He started his first internship in 1997 when he first interned at the acupuncture office of Dr. Jun Tu, O.M.D. in his college town in upstate New York. He is a visionary in the healthcare field and is the inventor of the revolutionary breakthrough patented Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique® rehabilitation procedure for Overactive Bladder. He is also the developer of the TrapEaze TechniqueTM for people who suffer from chronic debilitating upper back pain. Justin truly uses the golden rule when it comes to his practice and treats every single one of his patient’s exactly as he would a member of his own family.

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