Power Women Lead from the Core
Women’s Leadership is a VISION THOUGHT to be embraced, claimed and internalized by women.Just like slight seismic shifts cause Earthquakes, minor thought shifts are capable of causing life changing MIND QUAKES©As we re-orchestrate thoughts, cause minor and major mind quakes, we drive the ‘shifts’ and build women to become Leaders.Each diminutive anti-growth thought will dissipate and all potential drain on our growth will banish as we bounce out of mental blocks and dive into the mental-emotional state of ZERO LIMITATION© Get ready to learn pathbreaking Power Concepts like the Action-Inaction dynamic, the Thinking-Feeling Chamber, the Neutrality Zone © The Fork and Crown Approach ©. For the first time, is there a need for Corporate Women’s Responsibility © From Status Quo, we move forward to define the Status Nuo!

Abha Maryada Banerjee Abha Maryada Banerjee is India's first woman motivational speaker of international acclaim, rated as one of the Top Ten Life, Business and Success Coaches in Asia Pacific. An expert at Leadership, Human Peak Performance and Emotional Intelligence, Abha is also the Peak Performance/Mental Strength Coach for Indian Olympic Athletes. Author of the iconoclast 1st Thought Leadership for women Book called NUCLEUS: Power Women Lead from the Core, Abha has spoken at prestigious events across Asia as a Leadership Speaker. Feeling a need for helping women mentally, emotionally and from the social human perspective, Abha wanted to move beyond gender for purposes of building lives of women. Her quest of how personal leadership can be achieved through self-efficacy brought her to the context of women and leadership. With the undeniable background of gender issues across the World, NUCLEUS will lead women from ordinary to effective and effective to excellent, not as an academic treatise but an experiential one. She has introduced path-breaking concepts, tools and strategies to help women become leaders.

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