New Beginnings

Elements of Change
Elements of Change challenges complex life issues, provides encouragement and invites its readers to alleviate restrictive patterns, embrace change and align with a new vision for an evolving world. Something within these pages will change your life forever. Something you read will cause you to live differently. Something you realize will alter who you are and help you believe you are someone greater than you thought you could be. If you knew that everything you did in this life mattered, would you change anything? This transformational work asks the reader to consider what no longer compliments the life they were meant to live and presents the tools to allow them to experience the life they could be living.

Jilliana Raymond Author, healing arts practitioner, spiritual teacher and author, Jilliana Raymond has been introducing individuals to the spiritual stewards who watch over us. She provides workshops and life insight designed to uplift, transform and teach of our connection with everything in our physical and spiritual universe. Here been there, done-that, down-to-earth common sense is undeniably transformational. Her life formula teaches us to honor our internal divine spark and awaken to our individual mastery. Her focus is on providing awareness of our spiritual family, teaching others to find emotional freedom and how to live more confidently.

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