Love Being You

So you're not-quite-an-adult-yet, but definitely not a child. Do you love who you are? Do you know how to build deep relationships? How to be happy? How to see your dreams come true? Be warned, this book holds the secrets. If you complete the self-exploration worksheets and apply the resources in this book, you can love every facet of the unique diamond you are. You'll discover how to live with joy and satisfaction while you pursue your dreams and reach for the skies. You will relish the positive difference in your life. Your family and friends will notice, and the world will become a better place with grounded, authentic people like you. Love Being YOU is engaging, enlightening, empowering and above all, practical. Well researched and informative, its eight chapters cover every facet of a teen's life and aspirations. Who isn't keen to dream big and succeed big? This wise book guides the reader toward authentic, values-based living and success.

Marina Pearson Marina is an inspirational speaker, author and the founder of Divorce Shift, an organization that supports women who are struggling to get over their ex relationships with highly interactive online workshops, creating a powerful community of women so that they can express release and move on in the comfort of their own homes.She has been featured in the UK tabloids such as The Guardian and The Daily Mail, while being featured in women's magazines discussing matters of divorce and her own journey. Marina has been there, done that, got the T-Shirt and written the book. She went through her own divorce, is the daughter of a divorcee and has been through a countless number of breakups. Because of these unique experiences and having worked with a growing number of clients, she has experienced the detrimental effects that hanging onto ex relationships can have on the individual as well as on their family and children.Marina is also the author of It's Your Right to Be Wrong In Relationships and a number of e-books.

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