Living Larger

Discovering the True Riches of Life
We are all subjected to lies about what is important in life while continuing to search for meaning. Written from a Christian perspective, the purpose of this book is to expose the four primary lies and describe one man’s dramatic journey in pursuing those lies. The book also reveals the four necessities for happiness discovered during that journey.

Joel Caldwell Dr. Joel Caldwell is the author of “Living Larger – Discovering the True Riches of Life”. Dr. Caldwell has worked as a psychologist since 1999 treating children, adolescents, and adults. He is currently in private practice in central Florida. Joel graduated from Lipscomb University (Nashville, TN) where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and graduated from Florida Institute of Technology (Melbourne), with a Master of Science Degree in Clinical Psychology. Joel has a Doctor of Psychology Degree in Clinical Psychology in a program fully accredited by the American Psychological Association, Florida Institute of Technology, 1998. Joel currently lives with his wife, Christina, and their three children in central Florida. Joel can be reached via email at

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