Laying Bare the Power of You

In this world of changing fortunes, it is Elise’s contention that the most security you will find is within yourself – not some relationship, position, or organization. This book is not about sitting back and letting life happen around you. This book is for people who really want to make a difference, want to leave a legacy, want to influence change on small and grand scales - have an impact on the life they lead. This book is for people who want to reach the heady heights of self-actualization where they can express their authentic selves and achieve their life’s purpose. And this book is for people who lead others because the only way to motivate people to perform at their absolute highest potential is to empower them to. Elise passionately believes that the key to achieving all of this is self-empowerment. She believes in every individual’s ability to make a difference in his or her world.

Elise Sullivan Elise Sullivan has a background in nursing, government and business. She believes deeply that to get the most out of life and the people around you, you must first find your own source of power – be self-empowered. Her training, speaking and mentoring programs inspire people to find their own source of power, whether they are leaders, making career transitions or just wanting to lead a more fulfilled life. Elise's doctoral research uncovered the key conditions needed to operate as an empowered, autonomous contributor to powerful collaborations. She has further developed her research and has translated it into potent strategies to build collaborative cultures that foster individual autonomy and empowerment. She believes that the future of organizations rests in the capacity of every individual to operate at their highest level, all the time, in dynamic collaborations.

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