In Search of the Baby Boomer Generation

Motivational Press is excited to work with Rick Bava to share with readers: A chronicle of the Baby Boomer Generation A look at topics of key interest to Baby Boomers An Analysis of issues facing Baby Boomers at this stage of life A topical discussion of the Baby Boomer Generation A look at the Baby Boomer Generation from a point of view that covers where Baby Boomers have been, where they are now, and where they are going

Rick Bava Rick Bava was born in Chicago on December 18, 1955, and was raised in the Chicago area. Rick went to the University of Wisconsin, at the age of 16, on a tennis scholarship. While studying at UW, he advanced to play tennis on a professional level and later became successful teaching tennis. Rick also had a radio commentary and newspaper column, both titled "Tennis Tips," and was honored at a very young age to be a member of the PENN Advisory staff. Rick earned his Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts from UW, Madison studying under Professor Winston Brembeck, a leading authority in the field. He expanded his education further by taking graduate courses at Harvard's Extension Program before beginning his business career. Rick quickly become a business pioneer in the field of Personal Computers, gaining acclaim with Commodore Business Machines. He went on to enjoy a successful 30-year corporate career, working his way up to become the Senior Head of External Affairs for the Computer Services division of the Boeing Company, followed by his role as the Director of World Wide Business Development for Digital Equipment Corporation’s Services Division. In 2002, Rick founded and was CEO of his own company, the Bava Group, which became the premier communications consulting firm serving the Fortune 500 community.

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