From Survivor to Thriver

The Story of a Modern Day Tin Man
"Mr. Campkin, you are going to require triple by-pass heart surgery." Disbelief and fear gripped Brian Campkin, a married, 46-year-old father of three teenage daughters. From that emotional moment on, Brian knew that if he was going to survive, he would have to make a lot of changes to his life if he was ever going to see his daughters grow up. In Survivor to Thriver: The Story of a Modern Day Tin Man, Brian shares his journey with heart disease from his very first symptoms to his diagnosis and recovery. You will also read about how he cultivated a can-do-it attitude, from walking around the block to running marathons. With help from the Heart and Stroke Foundation, which provided him with expert advice and healthy lifestyle choices, Brian recovered. You can do it, too. This book will inspire you to improve your heart health, whether you are facing surgery or wanting to prevent heart disease in the first place. Included in the book are low-fat, low-sodium recipes developed by the Foundation's dietitians, which will also help you eat healthier and reduce your risk. Brian would like to thank the Heart and Stroke Foundation for its support and will donate a percentage of every book sold to the Foundation in its initiatives to reduce heart disease and stroke.

Brian Campkin

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