Dancing With Differences

When differences between people become too great, we get angry, defensive, or shut down. The consequences are conflict, stress, ongoing negativity, and disruption to your health and relationships. There is a way out of this repetitive cycle: you can free yourself from old ways of thinking and being. This practical, readable book is based on timeless spiritual principles about accepting and allowing others to be as they are, becoming aware of your thoughts and how they affect your daily experience with conflict and differences, and discovering ways to consciously direct your thoughts to bring peace and constructive solutions to any conflict situation. The nature of the difference between people is not that important. In every instance, we must accept others as they are, and find ways to work constructively with "what-is". There is something here for everyone: stories and reflections that help you think about and experience everyday conflict challenges in a new way, insights which deepen your ability to see yourself as connected with everyone at a deeper level, and tools to enable you to align with that deeper connection, release reactivity and the barriers which stand between you.

Janet Desautels

Marketing & Publicity