Damn It, I'm Worthy

7 Steps to Transform the Relationship With Yourself
In Damn It, I'm Worthy, author and speaker Jenice Revers triumphs over childhood abuse and loss through a journey of self-healing and love to discover and develop her own self-worth and inspires her readers to do the same. Jenice shares her traumatic experiences and how they contributed to her adult reality of broken romantic relationships. Despite her pain, she recounts how she was able to face her traumas and begin a journey to self-love. In this her book of redemption and with a sense of hope for her readers, she shares the steps she took toward her own recovery, reminding all that we must love ourselves before we can love each other and helping us all to follow our own path to healing and unconditional self-love. Damn It, I'm Worthy will...Inspires every woman to begin the journey of self-healing and love, Encourage readers to recognize the role abuse, loss, and other traumas to negatively impact their self-worth, Forces readers to breakthrough an emotional rut, Offers a blueprint to design a path toward a dream life, Guides readers through steps to radically transform their relationships with others and, more importantly, themselves.

Jenice Revers Jenice Revers is an empowerment specialist. Her passion for helping and healing has led her to many roles, including teacher, counsellor, social worker, author, speaker and mentor. She has been a social worker and an independent advisor to the Family Courts in the United Kingdom. With a background working with children and families, Jenice has also appeared as Guest Lecturer with the National Youth Services in her native Jamaica. In March 2014, she was welcomed by the Jamaica Association of Social Workers (JASW) and has since been invited to participate in their month-long events in celebration of Social Work Month 2014. Jenice was also interviewed on Jamaica’s prominent radio station, Power 106 FM. Jenice is also the author of Damn It, I’m Worthy: 7 Steps to Transform the Relationship with Yourself, which showcases her energy and passion for our own self-worth and our individual journeys to healing and self-love. She is the author of Immigrant Workers to the UK: A Personal Journey to Success. She has also been featured in The Voice Newspaper (UK) and has appeared as a guest contributor to Migration Pulse Publication (UK). As a Jamaican immigrant to the United Kingdom, she shares her experience and engages persistently in dynamic discussions on immigration throughout the UK.

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