Dadly Wisdom

Untold Stories that Represent the True Faces of Fatherhood
DADLY Wisdom is a treasured collection of stories from dads all over the world, who represent humanity at its best, love their children and honor their commitment to family, community, and the world-at-large. Their perspective on raising children, the challenges and joys of fatherhood, and the wisdom they have forged will inspire, encourage and strengthen your heart, and renew your faith in the valuable role dads play as equal parents. This book will also ignite a passion to help today's modern dads leave a legacy for the next generation of men who decide to become dads one day.

Jennifer Jordan Jennifer K. Jordan is a California-based author with a passion for celebrating the spiritual in our daily lives and educating others. She has worked as a writer and teacher and holds dual Master’s Degrees in Education and School Counseling. After getting to know her father better after her mother passed away from cancer, she felt inspired to write DADLY Wisdom to celebrate the lives and wisdom of fathers. She then spent many years interviewing fathers throughout the world, and she now offers their powerful stories in this transformative book of love, joy, and inspiration.

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