Attracting Miracles

And My Secret Life as a Miracles Coach
Attracting Miracles and My Secret Life as a Miracles Coach is the real, raw, and riveting story of Gregory Downey's victorious journey from a battered and abused childhood as he uncovers the 5 key Steps to mastering The Law of Attraction, learns to attract miracles into his life, and then reveals to the reader step by step how to attract miracles in to their own life. Readers will be inspired and motivated to overcome their own limiting beliefs and create the life they truly deserve. This is Rudy meets The Secret.

Gregory Downey Gregory Downey is a successful high performance mindset and belief breakthrough coach. He coaches clients for a number of distinguished partners including Achieve Today, Dr. Joe Vitale, Nightingale Conant, and Ziglar Inc., just to name a few. He has coached thousands of students around the world from all walks of life. Gregory is married to his wonderful wife Hillary, is the father of 7 children, and resides in Provo, Utah.

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