Above the Noise

Creating Trust, Value & Reputation Online Using Basic Digital PR
The Internet is an overwhelming cacophony, each brand fighting to rise...ABOVE THE NOISE! Based on digital public relations tactics to grow your internet marketing skills, resulting in more online visibility and influence, this book will help you launch an intergrated mix of basic content marketing, social media and search engine optimization (SEO). You'll learn incredibly valuable tactics any beginner-to-intermediate marketer, business owner or entrepreneur can quickly master, resulting in: Stronger brand clarity, if you don't understand the benefits and audience appeal of your product or service, why should anyone else? Define a niche you can influence and dominate, creat consistent messaging wrapped into every aspect of your online presence, learn the importance of monitoring and creating trust signals, form a habit of content creation, intergrate basic SEO tactics for your website, blog and social media, amplify visibility through fast, easy images and repurposed content, curate content on social media to show expertise and provide value, be more authentic, to build a loyal audience, and join conversations that fit your audience/brand. It's not just about building visiblity, it's about building visibility with the right audience most likely to buy your product or service, while building trust and influence that reinforces their decision. It's about rising above your competitors to stand out, like an unstoppable force of nature. Above the Noise is a must-read for those who have learned the basics of content marketing, SEO and social media, but struggle to form a united, intergrated approach that drives actual results and revenue. If four of the Most Important Influencers endorse this book, shouldn't you buy it right now?

Carrie Morgan Award-winning author and 25 year veteran of agency and corporate marketing, Carrie Morgan is a Top 1% social media influencer, founder and moderator of #PRprochat – a monthly public relations Twitter chat for public relations professionals that reached millions of timelines – and a co-moderator for the largest localized Facebook groups in the country for PR professionals and journalists, @PhoenixPRPros.

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