A Life Best Lived

A Story of Live, Death and Second Chances
The latest book by Real World Business Coach, Danny Creed details the events that happened, beginning in September 2015, that would forever change his life. A triple by-pass heart surgery, with a near-death experience and the devastating death of his mother all in a 24-hour period set in play a chain reaction of experiences that would, in the end, create positive and powerful results. How do you honor a "second chance?" With this challenged Danny embarked on a process of discovery and self-evaluation. What emerged was eleven decisions detailing exactly how was he going to change what and how he thought, spoke and acted. The powerful results define what every person has available to them, and that is the power to award themselves a second chance, to do things differently or not. And, that is the decision that is the hardest. We'll learn that it's not so much what you can do to live a better life, it's more about honestly asking yourself and accepting the answer to the question, "Do you really want a better life?" A LIFE BEST LIVED is within the reach of everyone and Danny Creeds story while both unnerving and sad is equal parts filled with hope and purpose and a blueprint for any reader to plan their own, LIFE BEST LIVED.

Danny Creed He is known for his “street fighting business smarts”, 14 successful start-up businesses and his powerful connection with world class partners and resources. Coach Dan has over 8,000 hours of logged coaching time with over 9,000 recommendations. Dan is the unprecedented six-time winner of the Brian Tracy Award of Sales Excellence/ FocalPoint Coaching International Business Coach of the Year. Danny is a leading authority on business and personal development, a highly regarded Keynote speaker; workshop and seminar leader and an elite Brian Tracy International Certified Sales Trainer. In his first book, Coach Dan co-authored the highly acclaimed BOOTSTRAP BUSINESS along with international business and personal development experts, Tom Hopkins, Jack Canfield and John Christenson. A Life Best Lived: A Story of Life, Death and Second Chances is now available and sold worldwide on Amazon.com.

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