Eye Spy Secret Agent Handbook

Every secret agent needs a handbook.  Especially Eye Spy Secret Agents.

And coming in from the cold for the first time ever, The Eye Spy Secret Agent Handbook is the perfect companion to The Look Cookers! and Return Of The Look Cookers. 

Revealing behind the scenes intel on each Look Cooker including new 'cookers uncovered in Return Of The Look Cookers:  Stare Darers, Gawk Stalkers, Blink Drinkers and more!  Fascinating facts on the Agents and the Eye Spy Network - featuring Matthew (our hero), Ying (his new friend) and Inspector Goggle (the mysterious leader).  And let's not forget Agent M (Mom).

Inside intrepid readers will discover secure communication channels, secret codes, the Eye Spy oath (to become an official Eye Spy) and so much more!  And, as always, how to get lots of free stuff for kids! 


Jim Malloy

Often after coming home from his day job as a direct marketing executive responsible for developing and selling millions of books, music and videos, Jim told stories to his young children to entertain them at bedtime.

It is from those wonderful experiences that The Look Cookers! emerged, to be followed by Return Of The Look Cookers!  Today he brings the marketing expertise of that successful career combined with his unique creative energy to the new publishing venture, 3 Dreams Creative Enterprises.

Hannah Stephey

Hannah Stephey is an illustrator and graphic designer from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania where she has her own illustration studio, Superjellyland. While this is her first book for children, she is lifelong artist and has a penchant for quirky, fun characters. She loves latte, her pug Mikey and finding ancient relics from the 90s on the internet. These and other works can be found on her website, hannahstephey.squarespace.com.

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