Bulletproof goes behind the headlines to tell the before-during-and-after story of an unthinkable family tragedy. The book begins with a marriage like many other marriages, launching with love and arcing into family. Andre held my hand and made me laugh through infertility, a traumatic miscarriage, cancer, then the miraculous births of Alec and Asher. He taught me how to put on a diaper. He lay on the living room floor to set up. Thomas’s train tracks. He volunteered at the temple school as a “Shabbat dad.” He took Alec fishing, brought the boys to feed the ducks at the golf course pond and watch the giant fish at the Bass Pro Shop. Dark secrets began to emerge. Andre visited prostitutes, even brought them to our house. He drank too much, had a DUI and his driver’s license suspended, and later, blew our savings through risky day-trading.

Laurie Morales Laurie Beth Morales has unusual insight into loss and healing as both someone who has suffered the death of her two sons and a licensed clinical social worker specializing in grief and loss, including infertility, chronic and terminal illness, palliative care and end-of- life counseling. She has a psychotherapy practice in Scottsdale, Arizona, runs the Center for Palliative Counseling, and is a provider resource for the National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children, working with grieving parents from across the country. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master of Social Work Degree from Arizona State University; has national certification in treating addictions; is a member of the Arizona Board for the Certi cation of Addiction Counselors; and has been in practice for more than twenty years. Since she has decided to tell her story publicly, she has appeared on Dr. Phil and her podcast reached #3 for mental health podcasts with Psych Sessions. She lives in Scottsdale with her husband and two daughters

Marketing & Publicity
  • Interest in turning book to film from Hollywood producers - Confirmed
  • Author will do social media and press campaign to push book.
  • Email blasts set to go to over 500K announcing release.