Xi Jinping's China Renaissance (Chinese Edition)

Historical Mission and Great Power Strategy

Xi Jinping's China Renaissance: Historical Mission and Great Power Strategy describes how Xi Jinping will complete this arduous historical mission; explains his strategic system; analyzes Xi Jinping’s major decisions on governance, governing logic, and governing features on hot issues of worldwide public concern, such as China’s world economic restructuring, party reform, military reform, judicial reform, fight against corruption, ecological reconstruction, and China's global governance program.

This book clearly defines that the nature of China's rise is the revival of Eastern civilization in the era of globalization. China’s rise will exert an influence and appeal to moral and cultural cohesion. China will play the role in the global order by soft power and innovation, instead of seeking super power status. The whole world can benefit from the opportunities in China, without the need to worry about the "China threat."

Zhou Xingwang

Zhou Xingwang graduated from the Department of Journalism of Renmin, University of China with a Masters Degree. He served as reporter, editor, and commentator for the Workers' Daily and currently serves as Deputy Editor-in-Chief for Labor Afternoon newspaper in Beijing. His major works: Mission - Centennial Legend of Renmin University of China documentary, What Do the Japanese Rely On? and What Makes People of Hunan?

Tan Huosheng

Political science professor in Tsinghua University

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