Irish Heroes and heroines of America

150 True Stories of Irish American Heroism

America's 40 million Irish-and all those in search of role models-will enjoy John Bartimole's collection of inspiring and amazing stories and profiles of 150 war heroes, doctors, scientists, educators, artists, athletes, businessmen and leaders featured in this tribute to great Irish-Americans. They include John F. Kennedy, Lucille Ball, Rosie O'Donnell, Babe Ruth, John Wayne, Henry Ford, Jimmy Breslin, and many more. There are very few books on Irish heroes. The competitive titles listed above have to do with myths and folklore, and the other is a story of average citizens that contributed to the civilization of Ireland and it's culture.

John/ Klute Bartimole John Bartimole is a freelance writer, public speaker, and noted speechwriter for Fortune 500 executives, congressional candidates and college presidents. He resides in Olean, New York.

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