Being Called to Change

Let Go of All That No Longer Serves You and Grow Into Your Full Potential

Being Called to Change is the first book in The Transformation Trilogy. This book is to help you understand the nature of change, how to recognize when it's knocking on your door, and then embrace change in your life.

To embrace change effectively, and with minimal stress, Being Called to Change lays the groundwork for making lasting, massive changes that stick.

Dale helps you understand how to relax more, calm down more and let go of the idea that you need to be in control of everything going on in life. In such a fashion Being Called to Change empowers you to make lasting changes from a place of grounded clarity and understanding.

You will unlock the power within yourself to make positive beneficial changes in your life, business and relationships, while reducing the levels of stress that you experience day-to-day.

Dale Halaway of Las Vegas, Nevada

DALE IS DEDICATED to the path of spiritual growth and personal empowerment. In 1992, he left a lucrative career in professional speaking and business consulting to embark on a journey of self-discovery. During his personal transformation, he discovered valuable insights about our unlimited human potential for creativity, productivity, abundance, and joy.

In the years following his shift of consciousness, he integrated these insights into transformational seminar programs which he presented in public appearances to acclaim. In 2011, on the brink of major change, Dale took a teaching sabbatical for almost five years and began an even deeper journey of Spiritual Questing and Transformational Healing.

Having integrated his discoveries and experiences into his newest teachings, Dale returns once again to the public arena. The wisdom Dale outlines in Being Called to Change is certain to create major transformation in the collective consciousness of humanity. The clarity and power of his teachings are destined to inspire and empower individuals in their own spiritual awakening and to facilitate the conscious evolution of humanity on our precious planet.

DALE IS THE CREATOR OF THE TRANSCOVERY PROCESS®. “Trans” refers to “Transformation” and “Covery” refers to “Discovery.” This self-actualization system provides the structure in which we all can access, correctly identify, and purge the energy of negative thoughts, feelings, limiting beliefs, patterns, and attachments that have been running our lives. This life-changing TransCovery Process® promotes the complete release of negative and limiting energy. It creates real transformation on a cellular level and deepens our journey of self-discovery and self-actualization. Real transformation is achieved incrementally and the TransCovery Process® shows us, step by step, how to use everything in our lives to empower our transformation and to bring our lives into alignment with our True “Soul” Self.

DALE BELIEVES that personal transformation results in clear identity—knowing who you are, why you are here, and what you are a part of. The more you know who you are and the more you remain focused on what you really want, the less things will upset you. As an agent of change, a transformational leader, and a teacher of the soul, Dale shares how you can discover and connect with your own authentic power while living in alignment with higher ground principles and in harmony with the natural laws of your spiritual being.

DALE ENVISIONS a dynamic, engaged world community in which individuals, couples, parents, leaders, entrepreneurs, and organizations work together to facilitate a new awakening in the consciousness of humanity. Through his transformational healing, spiritual growth, and life-enriching seminars, Dale inspires others to realign their lives with their truest nature. Through his advanced intensives and coaching programs, he helps thousands of people to transform themselves, authentically and wholly, so that they, too, can work towards the deeper purpose of advancing the consciousness on this planet. It’s the greatest gift we can give someone—helping them to find their way back to their True Self.

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