Quick Guide to Good Kids

Being a good parent is more complicated than ever. Kids are exposed to a jungle of dangers: premature sex, underage drinking, drug use, etc. Yet, parents are so busy that many despair of their ability to transform their children into high-functioning adults. In Quick Guide to Good Kids, Virginia Bentz shows how parents can be a strong line of defense for their children. By managing the environment of your offspring when you are with them, you'll help ensure that they make the right decisions when you aren't.

Virginia Bentz Virginia Bentz works as a bookseller for Borders, where she presents a weekly story time session for children. She also volunteers with children at the House of Healing. In her spare time, she does freelance writing and sings with a chorale. She has taught high school and college English and holds a Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University. Quick Guide to Good Kids is her first book.

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