The One

A Children's Storybook About Allah

The One is a fun-to-read, rhyming storybook about Allah that touches upon fundamentals of His creation, proving Allah’s existence, and introducing some of His attributes for children to grasp from an early age in order to instill awe and love for Him, even though He cannot be seen. 

Manaal Jafrey-Razaque

Manaal is a Muslim-American born and raised in Southern California. She attended the University of Southern California for her Bachelor’s Degree, and has always been passionate about writing. Being a mother of two girls, Manaal always sought children’s books that were beautifully illustrated, fun to read and helped build a Muslim identity. Because her daughter loved stories that rhymed the most, Manaal decided to write her own children’s book about Allah that touched upon the questions her daughter had. This is Manaal’s first children’s book and she hopes to continue to write for the benefit of her girls and all other children on the fundamentals and beauty of what Islam truly teaches.

Tanya Emelyanova

From her studio in Saint-Petersburg, Russian artist Tanya specializes in both raster and vector illustration, while also working in watercolor, colored pencils and acrylic.

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