Baseball's Hitting Secrets

How to Put a Round Baseball Bat on a Round Ball- Squarely
Baseball remains the most popular of all sports in America and is rapidly gaining acceptance in other countries as well. And while there are many books out on the subject, many of those cover the subject in its entirety- but not in sufficient depth. But once you know the game, you quickly figure out for yourself where your strengths and weaknesses lie and which aspects need more work. It has been said that hitting a round ball with a round bat-squarely- is the most difficult part of baseball and that's what this book concentrates on. Without wasting your time with lengthy text explanations, it shows with clear illustrations and simple drills, how to perfect the most difficult part of the game. The book is packed with simple drills, tricks and exercises to bring your hitting up to speed.

Ted Burda Ted Burda is a professional baseball coach and batting instructor.

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