From Clandestine Immigration to Israeli Independence
A tribute to a generation of survivors, Mordecai Hacohen's powerful memoir recounts the little-known clandestine immigration of Jews from Nazi-controlled Europe to Israel, the foundation of the State of Israel, and the birth of the Israeli Foreign Service. Hacohen, who devoted his life to the creation and promotion of the state of Israel, relates the numerous efforts that brought him into contact with many of the brightest and most influential personalities of the twentieth century, including Eleanor Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, Isaac Stern, Golda Meir, and many others.

Dr. Mordecai Hacohen Dr. Mordecai Hacohen (1919-2008) was born in Vienna. A member of the Betar Youth Movement, he helped coordinate the clandestine immigration of thousands of Jews to Israel in the run-up to World War II. He went on to help establish the Israeli Foreign Service. After his move to the United States, he worked to find funding for schools and hospitals.

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