My Rising Up

Death introduced itself early in Brendan Maxwell's life. This grim intruder showed up far too many times, seriously overstepping boundaries with those Brendan loved and cared about. After yet another loved one's passing in his life, Brendan is pushed into a dark world filled with overwhelming sadness, confusion and anger. Deception grabs him and he hopelessly heads towards the arms of death itself.waiting to entrap him. But Brendan discovers that, while he has given up, Someone else has not. With the Lord's strength, Brendan fights his way back to the top, returning to college and his family. He knows God's purpose for him is important, especially when he discovers the unique gift he has to comfort others. But even while driven by purpose, Brendan constantly fights back guilt for his mistakes, particularly with a relationship that falters fast. Yet he keeps moving forward and is pleasantly surprised when a new, blessed love unfolds before him. Facing challenges, B

Jennifer Dean A native of Mississippi, Jennifer L. Dean is a certified Medical Technologist and a freelance editor. With a passion for writing, she enters the professional stage with her first novel, My Rising Up. Please visit her website at

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