Tweeting with God

# Big Bang, Prayer, Bible, Sex, Crusades, Sin, Career . . .

If you are curious, you ask questions - even about difficult topics. Can Catholic teaching provide answers relevant to your life today? In this book you will find 200 daring questions from young people about God, faith, prayer and morality. Fr. Michel Remery thoughtfully answers them all in Tweets of 140 characters or less, and provides expanded explanations based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Bible.

Fr. Remery shows how faith is logical, even in the 21st century! He introduces you to Jesus, shows you how to pray, and explains the sacraments. He explores some of the more difficult chapters of Church history, and helps you to discover what it means to live a good and purposeful life.

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It is lavishly illustrated with color images on every page of the book.

Michel Remery

Fr. Michel Remery is a Dutch Catholic priest and the author of the internationally best-selling book Tweeting with GOD. He worked for many years in a number of parishes in the Netherlands, with a special focus on youth and young adult ministry. Prior to the priesthood, he worked for the Dutch Royal Air Force and an engineering firm in the Baltic States. He studied theology in Rome and is currently the vice secretary general of the Council of European Episcopal Conferences (CCEE).

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