Dogs On Cape Cod

Irresistible photographs by one of the Cape's well-known locals, for those who love dogs and love Cape Cod, wherever you are now!

DOGS ON CAPE COD will bring back the blissful feeling of those long walks on the Cape with your loving, furry companion, wherever you are right now.

Anyone who has ever met Kim Roderiques, even on one occasion, knows of her pure affection, and, quite frankly, her obsession with dogs. Having had dogs throughout her life, it wasn’t until Kim reached adulthood that she began to comprehend the incredible gift they give to us.

This book began when Kim's dear friend arrived on the Cape with her new puppy, a Cavalier King Charles, named Murphy. From the first moment Kim photographed the puppy, she began to see the Cape in a very different light; she saw it through Murphy’s eyes. His wonderment of seeing everything for the very first time, made it evident how much he loved his home.

And, with that, the idea was born to publish a book capturing the love that dogs have for this unique environment. DOGS ON CAPE COD conveys the special happiness the Cape has to offer every kind of dog. "It's the sand, it's the water, it's the light, it's the freedom, it's each other," says Kim about dogs and Cape Cod.

Book has 251 color photographs printed on 100# paper

Kim Roderiques of Chatham, MA

Kim Roderiques has lived in Chatham since 1975, the town her father was born and raised before he departed for the Navy. At the end of 1976, her father and stepmother purchased a clothing store, The Trading Company, where Kim has worked the last thirty-six years.   Kim is also an accomplished portrait photographer, whose work has been exhibited in juried shows in the Boston area and been published in national magazines.

Kim expanded her professional horizon when she decided to start a pet portrait business in addition to her family portraits. Twenty years later, Kim still thoroughly enjoys the interaction with all of her dog clients. She never tires of the element of surprise that dog photography provides; it is always a wonderful escape of pure joy. She feels that observing the relationship between the owner and their dog defines the purest meaning of friendship.  DOGS ON CAPE COD is Kim's first book.

Marketing & Publicity
  • Author/Photographer is owner of The Trading Company, Chatham, Cape Cod, very connected with longtime customers, high-end clients and supporters around the country.
  • "A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Dogs on Cape Cod will go to the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s Brewster shelter"
  • Marketing/Publicity by Your Expert Nation: National and local publicity; multi-level social media and email campaigns; book's website will include videos and links to YouTube
  • Boston Herald Article 5/27/2015 -