Reformation Anglicanism

Biblical - Generous - Beautiful

With so many people discovering Anglicanism today, especially younger people yearning for a connection with the Early Church, there is great need of this delightful book telling Anglicanism’s story from its early roots to today’s relevance. Reformation Anglicanism by Chuck Collins traces the history and practice of a group of believers who form the largest protestant denomination in the world. Collins gives just the facts, letting the power of Anglican spirituality draw his readers to this authentic and gracious way to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Winner of 1st place prizes in national short story and poetry contests, Collins renders the Christian faith as reachable and understandable as it really is. He shows the winsome beauty of God’s character that is deeply embedded in Anglican worship and prayers, and that what sets Anglicanism apart is that it is generously orthodox, completely biblical and liturgically beautiful.

The Rev. Chuck Collins of Phoenix, Arizona

The Rev. Chuck Collins has written extensively for Christian journals and magazines, winning both the 2013 Writer’s Digest Annual Competition for a short story and First Place in the 2014 Utmost Christian Poetry Contest. He has been a canon theologian and retreat and conference speaker and has led many overseas missions and pilgrimages. Chuck and Ellen Collins live in Phoenix, Arizona where he serves on the staff of Christ Church (Anglican). They have four grown children and four grandchildren.

Marketing & Publicity
  • Blurbed by Anglican luminaries including the renowned theologian and prolific author J.I. Packer (General Editor of the English Standard Version of the Bible, an Author with dozens of books in print) and Foley Beach, the Archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America.
  • With so many people discovering the Anglican tradition at the moment there is a great need of a delightful book that authentically tells the story of this great Christian tradition from its early roots to today’s relevance.
  • Acclaimed by scholars and compulsively readable Chuck Collins’ Reformation Anglicanism is a resource for Anglicans worldwide.