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Sanctuary & Other Stories

Sanctuary & Other Stories

by Duncan, Jennifer

Jennifer Duncan's debut collection of fiction, Sanctuary and Other Stories, introduces a brilliant and innovative new voice to Canadian literature. These fourteen stories, interconnected and set in the Toronto punk scene of the 1980s, are startling in the humour and grace they bring to a subculture too often presented in the media as one-dimensional and anti-social...

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Staying Canadian

Staying Canadian

by Henderson, Keith

In October í95, under the control of the Quebec Liberal Party, the NO campaign avoided all mention of the key arguments against secession. Liberals never talked about the unconstitutional nature of the PQ's proposals, avoided all mention of why 50% + 1 in a Quebec-only referendum is no basis on which to break up the country, and never once said that if Canada is divisible, so is Quebec...

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